Jimmy Up returns to Apple Valley Speedway for our 3rd Annual Sunday Funday!!
Sept 29th, 2019
Apple Valley Speedway
Please read full Tech requirements before signing up!
No refunds will be issued, selling spots for more than you paid will result in a ban from all Jimmy Up events!
- No Cage required (except convertibles)
- SA2005 (or newer) Helmet
- Harness/seatbelt must be secured properly, and connected to a location/at an angle that will not cause bodily harm in the instance of a crash.
- Convertible Roll Bar - Bolt in cages ARE acceptable
- Fire Extinguisher must be mounted in reachable location.
- No Leaks
- Front & Rear Tow-point must be accessible
- Seat(s) must be secured with little or no play
- Steering wheel must be secured with little or no play
- All wheel-studs and lug-nuts must be present and secured.
- No Cracks in Windshield


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